Center Console Boat Cover
Center Console Boat Covers
No t-top? No problem. Our Center Console Boat Covers are designed specifically for boats without a t-top. These covers are made from the same material as our T-Top Boat Covers and will provide your investment with the same durability, longevity and sleek fit.


T-Top Cover Accessories

Center Console Boat Cover

    Starboard Side Please select a port or starboard side zipper entry for your cover.
    The zipper entry will be located in-line with the helm seat.

    Boat Styles

    Our covers are specifically designed for each style of boat.

    Center Console Boat

    Dual Console Boat

    Walk Around Boat

    Catamaran Center Console Boat

    Our covers are not meant for In Water Storage. We caution against having any part of the cover left in water for a period of time because this would saturate the cover, deteriorate the material, and void the warranty.

    Our Covers are designed to fit best with the motors trimmed down. By choosing Jet Dock as a storage option, you're agreeing to modify your cover further if the fit at the motors isn't as desired.

    A re-powered motor means the motor has been upgraded or there has
    been a change in the motor style from the original factory motor

    Bow Rail Styles

    No Bow Railt

    Low Bow Rail (Less than 8")

    Recessed Bow Rail

    High Bow Rail (More than 9")

    Walkthrough Bow Rail


    Bow Accessories

    No Bow Accessories

    Bow Roller

    Through Hull Anchor

    Bow Pulpit


    Ski or Tow Bars

    I do not have a ski or tow bar

    My bar is above the engine

    My bar is in front of the engine


    If you have a jack plate please choose which size.

    Polling Platform

    Power Poles

    Motor Bracket Mount

    Motor Bracket Mount

    Transom Mount

    Transom Mount



    You have selected Power Poles as an option. In order to accommodate for your Power Pole cutout, we will need the following measurements which can be added in the form below.

    Alternatively you can email this information to us by downloading a Form Here.